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Continuous Improvement Plan

UPDATE 2014:
We have begun the process to build on what we did in 2010, click here for more information.

This 2010 Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) serves as a guide to educators, students and their families, people in business, and community members about the process of achieving and measuring improvements in the district’s performance.
It answers four fundamental questions.
  • What do we want for our students?
  • Where do we want our schools to be in the next three years?
  • How will we get there? How will we know we were successful?
  • Background information is presented that describes the continuous improvement planning process.

You may download and review the entire plan below.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in our 1 1/2-day Summit to initiative Westlake's strategic planning process. The Summit was characterized by a diverse group of stakeholders working collaboratively to envision and plan for the continued success of our school district. 

Your contributions using the Appreciative Inquiry approach to planning helped the Westlake Schools focus attention on the district’s positive potential. Your inquiry and dialogue is key to helping the school district develop ideas for move forward in creating a new three-year Continuous Improvement Plan.


Westlake City Schools District