Race Day 2011-12


The 8th Annual Parkside JSS Race is upon us.  Please join us on Wednesday, May 30th at 1:15 pm in the East parking lot.  If you're a parent, bring a chair and water.  It can get quite hot.


See below and to the right for this year's press release.




Important Links

NREL page
National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  Junior Solar Sprint Home

Chimacum School District
A very complete site for schools running this project

Other JSS links
Including extra pieces and parts students might order on their own

Outline of the rules Parkside will follow during the project



Past Yearís Work / Media Coverage
Some work from past teams during the building process.  In some cases the documentation is incomplete....but you'll get the picture.

Math and Science Standards
This project covers multiple grade level indicators within the Ohio math and science curriculums.

Miscellaneous Worksheets
Extra handouts and worksheets that provide additional information or classroom management
Use of Technology
How students use technology during the project


Photo gallery

Vehicle Database

Gear Calculations





Watch an overview presentation of our JSS program


  More on Gears...   More on Solar...

Step-by-step movies on calculating gear ratio

More gear calc explanation

Gear calculation - Excel


More on the motor...

Motor specifications

Motor Tips



Safety Rules

Tool time!


Angle of Incidence experiment

Latitude/Longitude Finder

Sun Angle Calculator

Solar panel Specifications



2008-09 eTech Conference



Teacher Tips

Ideas from the pros

Share with us your ideas



Parkside JSS Race Facts:

  • There are nearly 600 cars that have data in our online database, covering 6 years.  For various reasons, there were probably another 100 or more cars that didn't get their data in.

  • The fastest time recorded over the 20 meter track was 7.7 seconds by the Westlake Demons car from Mr. Gast's class in 2010-11

  • The slowest time recorded and still finished the 20 meters was 55.8 seconds by the Kool Kar from Mrs. Seljan's class in 2006-07

  • The top 10 cars for 2010-11 were:


  • The top 10 cars for all 7 years:




  Project Start

Project List Excel  PDF

Tool Permission Slip and Project Introduction letter

2010-11 Project Rubric

Phase 1:  Introduction

Introduction to project

Daily JSS Bowl Terms / Concepts

Basic Systems

Preview:  How solar panels work

     Ex 1   Ex 2   Ex 3

Activity: Solar Panel Mini-Test

       See also Solar cell experiment

Activity: Possible Power

     Labquest - Illumination

     Labquest - Voltage

     Old wrksht

Activity: Problem Cars

     Worksheet - PDF / Word

Activity: Materials and Processes

Activity: Gears

Gears worksheet

     Worksheet - original  PDF  Word

     Calculation Poster      PDF   Word

     Worksheet - Vessalo  PDF   Word

Listed Gears
  Phase 2:  Design / Prototype
Activity: Design

The Design Process

     Worksheet -  PDF  Word

How to sketch designs

     Examples:  1   2   3

  Phase 3:  Construction
Working with Tools
What you need before working
Optimizing for the race
More on optimizing
  Phase 4:  Collecting Data Prior to Race
Collecting car data instructions
Car Data Input page 
Assignment #3 - Collective Knowledge
  Phase 5:  The Race
Race Day Procedures
2011-12 Press release
  JSS Bowl
Key Definitions and concepts
Collective Knowledge Input page

Thank you to the following organizations that have made this program possible with their donations and grant funds and participation on race day.

Ingersoll Hardware


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